• Inbuilt Graphical Workflow Functionality

    Improving business level visibility, traceability & control

Automate all your business processes!

True business workflow tool

Goes beyond just a formal state based change system,  manage all your business processes

Interactive Graphical Preview

Speeds up approval processes & provides full traceability

End to the paper chase

Minimises costly manual error & miscommunication

Audit Trail for ISO and FDA Compliance

Significantly enhances operational efficiency, know who, what, when and where you are in your process

Formal or Informal, your choice

You choose to put files through a Workflow or make informal state changes based on user permissions

No Programming Required

Less than a day’s training and you will be building and deploying your own workflows

Below workflows available out of the box...

We will always strive to give you as much value out of the base product as possible, making your business as efficient and effective as possible.
Identify problems, reduce risk and prevent recurrence.

*All workflows are a generic start point and can be modified to suit customers individual requirements

Click below to view and download our 'DDM Workflow PDF' to get a closer look at each workflow
Workflow PDF

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