• Full Document Management in DDM

    Simple user interface ensures that even the most novice users are productive from day one

DDM’s Microsoft Outlook style user interface ensures that even the most novice users are productive from day one, ensuring companies see a rapid return on investment from the outset. DDM Office supports all microsoft office files, adobe files,pdf’s, zip files and more.

Office to enterprise Product Data Management

Full office document management

Manage all project information,  MS office documents, e-mails, Imagery, practically any form of digital data

Manage your 2D CAD data

AutoCAD  and Creo Elements/Direct drafting integration without the need for a DDM CAD license

Powerful search tools

Built on SQL technology allowing for advanced search, category browser, my recent items and user defined favourites

Change management

Automate and track the revision and issue of documents

Comprehensive ‘where used’ queries

On parts, assemblies, drawings, documents, ensuring clear understanding of the impact of any changes

Drawing change notes

Transfer notes to the drawing to automatically update the revision history table

Integration to Third Party PDF document converters

DDM will automatically create a PDF of the following Microsoft Office Documents – Excel®, Word®, Powerpoint®, Visio®, Publisher®- when saving/updating an office document.
*PDF Converters must be purchased separately and installed on the server. MS office must also be installed on the server. Please view our ‘DDM Office’ data sheet for more details and links

Configurable auto-numbering

Quickly provide all parts and documents with a number, can be customised around your current number system

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