• DDM Web

    24/7 Secure web based access to your DDM database

The DDM Web interface is a browser based application enabling remote search, view and print capabilities for data held within DDM. Provides real time access to documents and information throughout your enterprise and supply chain.

Why Choose DDM

Single unlimited multi user read only license

No roll out costs

Little to no user training requirement

Real time sharing of data on a global scale

We ensure data integrity and secure access

Automatically notify changes to data via subscriptions

Key Features

  • Easy to use browser interface
  • Simple and advanced search capabilities
  • Product and Bill of Material structure browsing
  • Subscriptions and notifications
  • Supports AutoVue web client
  • Supports DDM Business unit access controls
  • Apply your own corporate colours and Logo

Improving business level visibility, traceability & control

System Information

Data can be accessed by any authorised workstation using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, FireFox or Google Chrome.

This is regardless of the platform on which the browser is installed (PC, MAC or Unix), and without the requirement for DDM or any other application to be available on the client platform.

Customise your Web Portal

Add your corporate logo, colours and font to DDM Web to further extend your business footprint. Every time a supplier or customer log in, they feel connected to you. Below are three examples, click to see in full.

Check out our new DDM Web Client that is in Development!

The first release is available to try for free for all our customers who are using DDM 2018
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