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    How DDM has helped Fianium to manage bills of materials


For the past four years, we have been maintaining non-drawn BOMs for all of our products as MS Excel files. As the company grew and the number of products (and variants) increased, maintaining the sheer quantity of BOMs became incredibly time consuming.

Engineering and manufacturing changes, which changed any parts within the bills of materials were, not only labour intensive (changing and up-issuing every .csv file individually), but relied on individuals’ knowledge of which products these parts were used so that the BOMs could be updated accordingly. It was also very difficult to see the differences between products (where maybe one part out of 70 was changed), or even between issues of the same BOM.

Following a visit from CSI, we were pointed in the direction of the DDM BOM editor to better manage our bills of materials. The engineer at CSI was able to take our Excel (.csv) files and import them into DDM as non-drawn assemblies, preserving exactly the same issue numbers and Release status as our original files, but with the huge advantages that these assemblies were now searchable and can be updated following engineering changes with a couple of clicks of the DDM Replace In manager.

A month after the consulting, we are already seeing the many benefits of storing our BOMs in this new format, for us; engineering changes are more efficient (engineers can see what products are affected at the part level in addition to the BOM changes being easier to manage at the end of the process), parts at statuses other than released can be seen easily and differences between different issues of the same BOM or different BOMs can be graphically highlighted within the DDM BOM comparison tool.

Brett Gaskin

Quality Process Engineer


About Fianium:

Fianium is a fiber laser company focused on ultra-fast, high power laser systems. The Company was established in 2003 with the specific goal to challenge the laser market by providing compact, efficient and maintenance-free alternatives to the incumbent gas and solid state lasers.

Their fiber laser product portfolio is based on Master Oscillator, Power Amplifier building blocks to produce mode-locked laser sources producing picosecond or femtosecond optical pulses. High average power (>20W) and high energy (μJ) systems are available at MHz to single-shot repetition rates and spectral operation from 240nm to 2500nm.


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"DDM increases productivity and is driving operational efficiencies across our regulatory processes that underpin our ability to achieve and maintain FDA compliance"
Dave Everett Director of Research and Development
"It’s been very impressive! The ability of DDM to be very quickly adapted and configured to meet our business needs. It goes beyond just data control and CAD..."
Nigel Thompson Design Manager
"We struggled for years with a paper system until we implemented DDM. Data management has become second nature, everything is stored and completed in DDM"
Dan King Design Director
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