• Key Customer Benefits

    We asked Challenge Implements what have been the biggest benefits so far since introducing DDM


1.Replacing tedious and procedural non-productive design time with productive design time. Engineers can now focus more on what they love doing.


2.Ease and time savings when publishing production data packs to our workshops and external suppliers.


3.Time savings when looking for parts or documents associated with product. I did a quick test the other day with a novice user of DDM and the part was found within 20 seconds compared to just under 2.5 minutes using our “old/bad” habits. Great search tool and the category browser is a fantastic idea.


4.Keeping our data locked down and safe from accidental model edits as well as having a full history of who did what and when it was done.


5.Ease of setting up and maintaining our system the way we want it and giving us the ability to do it ourselves. Kudos to the guys in support as they have helped us tremendously and in a timely fashion considering we are on the opposite side of the world.


Anton de Swardt 

Design and Product Development Manager


About Challenge Implements

hallenge Implements, also known as Challenge, is a fully Australian-owned third-generation family company with its major manufacturing plant situated in Orange NSW, approximately 260km west of Sydney NSW.

Challenge commenced manufacturing agricultural implements in Orange NSW in 1957 with two employees and a capital of less than £500. The ultimate aim of the company was to develop a representative range of everyday agricultural equipment. Steps were taken even in the first year of operation to divert every available penny toward the necessary research and development required to produce such equipment. The year 1962 marked the release of the first Challenge front-end loader along with a three-point linkage grader. These products gained immediate market acceptance and established the brand name ‘Challenge’ as implements of good design, robust in construction and offering value for money.

Challenge continues to grow having expanded its operations to Ballarat VIC and Toowoomba QLD. This allows Challenge to continue to support Australians with fast, prompt and reliable service, with equipment designed by Australians for Australians. Today, Challenge is expanding their product range to other agricultural industries such as Telehander implements and venturing into the construction industry designing Excavator and Skid Steer implements.




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"DDM increases productivity and is driving operational efficiencies across our regulatory processes that underpin our ability to achieve and maintain FDA compliance"
Dave Everett Director of Research and Development
"It’s been very impressive! The ability of DDM to be very quickly adapted and configured to meet our business needs. It goes beyond just data control and CAD..."
Nigel Thompson Design Manager
"We struggled for years with a paper system until we implemented DDM. Data management has become second nature, everything is stored and completed in DDM"
Dan King Design Director
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