• CAD and Document Management

    Designed to streamline the design process

Whilst focusing on ease of use and keeping data management uncomplicated, DDM has powerful built in tools that allow you to control who has access to secure design data. It is a self maintaining solution that enables you to spend more time designing and less time looking for files generated by your 3D CAD application.

Office to Enterprise Product Data Management

You can always trust the data in DDM is up to date.

Instead of checking them out, which runs the risk of having an out of date system, reserve your items in real time.

A part/model-centric system

Always shows correct historical version used, create intelligent folders, easier to create non drawn parts for BOM

Revision control CAD parts, assemblies and drawings

Powerful and comprehensive integration tools, manage all you CAD data files seamlessly

Full office document management

Manage all project information, MS office documents, e-mails, imagery, practically any form of digital data

Powerful search tools

Built on SQL technology allowing for advanced search, category browser, my recent items and user defined favourites

Automatic thumbnail and PDF generation

Save time not having to convert manually to PDF, allows non-CAD users to see previews and status of CAD projects

Comprehensive ‘where used’ queries

On parts, assemblies, drawings, documents, ensuring clear understanding of the impact of any changes

Drawing title block population

Attributes defined in DDM can be transferred to the CAD object for use on the drawing title block

Drawing change notes

Transfer notes to the drawing to automatically update the revision history table

Configurable auto-numbering

Quickly provide all parts and documents with a number, can be customised around your current number system

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