• Bill of Materials Editor & ERP Interface in DDM

DDM BOM Editor allows you to downstream modification to adjust modelled quantities and/or add non-modelled items. The Enterprise update manager publishes BOM information electronically to an ERP or MRP system. Now you can manage complex, multi-level product structures and ensure accuracy.

BOM Editor – BOM Comparison Functionality

Enterprise Update Manager

Office to Enterprise Product Data Management

Automatic BOM generation

End of manual BOM creation, minimising errors and reducing time administrating

BOM Compare Utility

Allows users to quickly compare and understand changes between assembly issue levels

Non CAD user BOM creation

Easily create BOMs from modelled and non modelled parts, such as adhesives and lubricants

Publish full BOM information to ERP system

Rapid automated transfer via Industry standard ‘.xml’ file supported by most ERP systems

Publish to SharePoint

Full Document transfer capability

Fully configurable

Manual update option for long lead time items, no customisation required

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