Transform Your PDM For SOLIDWORKS

According to a recent survey of over 150 product development professionals reported on, many teams are performing poorly on five specific areas related to PDM.

Firstly, the process of securely sharing product data outside the immediate team is a problem.

Secondly, implementing and documenting product development and workflows is also tricky. Another problem is re-designing the same engineering part multiple times. Lastly, managing change orders and bringing new users up-to-date can also be a problem.

57% said the biggest problem was bringing new users up to ‘full fluency’ on accessing product data.

One of the best ways to enhance your product data management is through the use of multi-CAD solutions like DDM CAD, which can support CAD software like SOLIDWORKS.

Winning in terms of ease of implementation, speed, configurability, support for multiple systems and price, DDM CAD can help you manage all aspects of CAD.

Providing full lifecycle management, DDM CAD provides complete control of parts, models, drawings and office documents. Its features include a quick and powerful search retrieval facility and configurable auto-numbering.

Discover how PDM can help SOLIDWORKS today.

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