The Benefits Of Full Document Management

The ability to streamline and manage all project information will allow for greater accessibility, transparency and productivity. Through full office document management you can better control all your digital data, whether it be emails, images or MS office documents.

If you want a complete document and project data management solution then Design Data Manager (DDM) can provide the solution you need. Through DDM Office, employees not involved in the design aspect of the business can access and update information at any time, ensuring that your documents and data are always accessible to staff.

Why go with DDM Office? You get full document management, and that means all your digital data is managed and all your 2D CAD drawings. You can easily search and navigate anything you need, and you’ll have a record of your full audit history. Easy to use for everyone and very low maintenance, you can expect a quick return on your investment with DDM Office. DDM’s office to enterprise product data management is a powerful tool that will provide full office document management.

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