Superior PLM Solutions for Solid Edge

Need to reduce engineering costs and get products to market quicker? Do you want to make it easier to increase part-reusage?

Your product data management can make all the difference to both these factors. If you use Solid Edge for your product development, Design Data Manager can improve your product lifecycle management beyond recognition.

Our software is renowned for improving design productivity and reducing waste and increasing part-reusage. It the ideal solution for small to medium organisations who want the power of a larger PDM solution without the higher costs of implementation and modular based products.

With no additional modules or costs, our software is also a highly affordable solution for not only Solid Edge but many other CAD software packages.

Our software can blend seamlessly with Solid Edge and is renowned for reducing engineering costs and getting products to market quicker.

DDM CAD can also help you to reduce waste and increase part re-usage while achieving compliance for ISO or FDA. It can not only improve your product data management but enables you to share data seamlessly.

Based in Newbury, Berkshire, DDM CAD is designed by a team of technical and business professionals dedicated to providing industry-leading and PDM software solutions to enterprise and small business customers.

You can try DDM yourself with our free trail download.

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