Struggling With Your PDM For Solidworks?

When bringing great ideas from the virtual drawing board to reality, the way you manage data is nearly as important as the content itself. Without a good PDM system, a team will struggle to collaborate with any cohesion, nor find the right data quickly, which significantly slows down your productivity.

If you’re using SOLIDWORKS to drive your product development process, the chances are the quality of data produced is fantastic, but your PDM is not up to speed, which means you struggle to manage the process in a productive way.

If your company could benefit from software to transform your PDM, look towards DDM CAD for a fresh look at PDM and PLM.

Engineers all over the UK are discovering the benefits of DDM CAD with one of our latest clients including HiETA Technologies. DDM CAD is a low-cost solution that is easy to implement, easy to integrate and extremely user-friendly. There are no additional costs on modules for this base product- all features are built-in.

Along with a powerful software solution, you will also benefit from first class customer support and be working directly with the developers of DDM, therefore benefitting from all the guidance, advice and training you need.

Why not find out more about our PDM solution for SOLIDWORKS?

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