A Smarter PDM Solution For SolidWorks

Do you want to get products to market quicker in 2018 and could benefit from reducing your engineering costs?

You might find your current PDM system is the problem: the way you manage product data can impact your design productivity, your ability to share information and lead to product wastage, among many other problems.

If you use SolidWorks for your product development, DDM CAD could be the solution you’ve been searching for: we offer a smarter and more efficient way to manage data.

Initially released 22 years ago in 1992, SolidWorks is one of the most successful types of CAD computer programmes and is particularly popular in educational establishments.

Engineers across the globe are turning to DDM CAD to manage their design data.

If you’re looking to find a PDM solution for SolidWorks, you’ll find DDM CAD can seamlessly integrate with this popular software, offering a huge range of benefits.

Our software offers full product lifecycle management and revision control of parts, models, drawings and office documents.

Why not try your free trial today?

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