Product Lifecycle Management Software Solutions

Looking for PLM solution that’s a winner in terms of speed, configurability and price?

One of the most popular product lifecycle management software solutions, DDM CAD enables you to manage all CAD, project and office data, BOMs and downstream to ERP.

This software works extremely well with multiple systems and is popular with those using Solid Edge or SolidWorks.

Discover why engineers are turning to DDM to manage their data.

Seamlessly integrating with your CAD software, DDM CAD could completely transform the way you see PLM and offers a better approach to traditional systems. Many clients have been highly impressed with how quickly it can be adapted and configured to meet their business needs.

We want data management to become second nature with our PLM software solutions. As one company commented, everything can be stored and completed in DDM. Our PLM software solutions can improve visibility, traceability and efficiency while helping you produce first-class engineering designs

When you choose our software solutions, you’ll also benefit from first-class support from our expert team. We are extremely enthusiastic about our products and want to share that enthusiasm with you!

Our software recently chosen by Apreco Ltd, a market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of Pressure Relief Vents, Air Pressure Stabilisers and Environmental Monitors.

Why not discover more about our product lifecycle solutions?

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