Product Lifecycle Management Software Solutions

When integrated or implemented successfully, product lifestyle management (PLM) facilitates the development of new products. In fact, a product’s entire lifestyle will be improved and enhanced. Design Data Manager (DDM) can work with you to implement the right product lifestyle management solution for your business.

DDM can guide, advise and support you through every phase of a product’s lifestyle. As PLM specialists, we know how difficult it can be to facilitate a product’s development. But with the right software solution, you can streamline all parts of the development process, making the process faster, more efficient and more transparent. For effective product data management, we can offer the software you’re looking for. The team at DDM can also provide support with web portal access, data control, and we can manage all engineering data.

There will always be challenges to overcome when you’re developing a new product, and for each company these may be slightly different. We tailor our software and our expertise to ensure we can offer you the best solution.

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