Do you need an easier way to manage all CAD, project and office data?

In that case, it sounds like you need a PDM (product data management) solution like our software to streamline your data. Often known as version control, PDM can significantly reduce levels of confusion during a project and ensure that high standards of quality control are maintained.

Enabling you to easily track and control data, PDM software usually covers the technical specifications of a product, along with its manufacture and development, including the types of materials used.

Discover an innovative PDM solution for the 3D CAD software SOLIDWORKS

Chosen by those who seek the best in 3D design, SOLIDWORKS is excellent software for creating intuitive 3D designs and producing 2D drawings faster, but it can be difficult to manage all the data which you produce.

A winner in terms of ease of implementation, speed, configurability, and support for multiple systems, DDM CAD is ideal for regular users of Solidworks who need a PDM solution.

DDM CAD  can provide a central repository for the data you produce using SOLIDWORKS, giving you a quick turnaround on your investment, offering immediate usability and no extra modules or costs.

You can try DDM CAD yourself with our free trial download.

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