Need A PDM Solution For SOLIDWORKS?

Do you use SOLIDWORKS and struggle to keep track of changes to your data?

Finding a way to store and manage the CAD data you produce can be difficult. Unlike in the days when designers used to create drawings on paper and have them stored in an office, we now produce more and more complex data during the lifecycle of a product. Tracking this data can prove to be difficult, as can keeping up with the changing regulations in the industry.

We live in a more interconnected world and engineering data needs to be shared with stakeholders with greater ease.

Product data management (PDM) is a vital part of your product lifecycle, with inefficient data management leading to reduced productivity and efficiency.

If you use SOLIDWORKS to design engineering products, DDM CAD could transform the way you store, manage and share your data.

Our alternative PDM solution for SOLIDWORKS is highly affordable, easy to implement and even easier to use. Our clients include Spectrum Brands who have discovered how DDM CAD can transform your PDM system for SOLIDWORKS. You can read about their experiences with our software on our main website.

Find out how DDM CAD can support SOLIDWORKS today.

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