Need A PDM Solution For SOLIDWORKS?

Improving your PDM system can not only increase your productivity and efficiency, but enhance your collaboration and improve every stage of development. It can also help you meet compliance with far greater ease.

If you’re looking to find a PDM (product data management) solution for SOLIDWORKS, DDM CAD could be the software that you’ve been searching for.

Offering a smarter and more efficient way to organise data, DDM CAD offers full product lifecycle management and revision control of parts, models, drawings and office documents. Ready out of the box and fully scalable, DDM CAD is extremely low maintenance and can gives you secure access to data anytime and anywhere.

With no additional modules or costs required, this software contains all the features you need to improve your PDM system and therefore your overall productivity. Described as ‘going beyond just data control and CAD’, our PDM software will ensure that data management becomes second nature.

From a fast and powerful search tool to full structure browsing, DDM CAD can ensure you’re getting the best out of SOLIDWORKS.

You can check out a video of how DDM CAD can support SOLIDWORKS on YouTube.

Why not try DDM CAD yourself with our free trial download?

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