More Efficient PLM for SolidWorks

Does your company use SolidWorks to produce all your product data? Have you been looking for an affordable way to improve your product lifecycle management (PLM)?

Design Data Manager could have the solution you’ve been looking for, with our software offering a smarter and more efficient way to manage data.

Our base product DDM CAD can blend seamlessly with SolidWorks and improve your product lifecycle management in a wide range of ways, from management of all CAD data and revision control of parts, to control of project and office data for non-CAD users.

Just like SolidWorks itself, DDM CAD is both powerful and easy to use and can streamline your business with workflow.

This multi-CAD solution for SolidWorks is extremely easy to implement, requires little maintenance and is ready straight out of the box. Both affordable and user friendly, it can also help you achieve compliance with your audit history. The system requires no extra modules or costs, with all its features built into the software.

At Design Data Manager it’s our aim to change current perceptions of PDM and PLM with our innovative software which has been developed by a team of technical and business professionals for enterprises and small business customers.

If you need to improve your PLM for SolidWorks, why not discover more about DDM CAD today?

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