Low Cost, Highly Effective PLM Software Solutions

Do you want to dramatically improve your operations while raising the quality of your engineering products?

DDM offers highly affordable PLM software solutions that could make all the difference to your day-to-day operations. Our software can help you cope with all the different, often complex processes involved to get a product to market.

The first use of PLM was in the aviation and automobile manufacturing industries but it’s now become popular in a wide range of market sectors. Customers that already trust DDM CAD with their products include Unwin Safety Systems, Hornby, DCA and Integra.

Engineers all over the glove are discovering our PDM solutions.

Our software solutions offer a smarter and more efficient approach to product data management and cover your entire lifecycle. Streamlining your workflow and processes while reducing spoilage, we believe it can really contribute to a product’s success.

From the initial concept and design to the production, distribution and maintenance of a product, PLM software solutions can take care of all steps of the journey. For example, with our bill of materials and enterprise update manager, you can manage complex, multi-level product structures and ensure accuracy.

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