Looking For A PDM Solution For SOLIDWORKS?

Want to improve your PDM system for SOLIDWORKS?

Here are 10 reasons to use DDM CAD to transform your product data management for this leading CAD software.

  1. It provides a smarter and more efficient way to manage the data you produce using SOLIDWORKS, offering complete revision control of CAD parts, assemblies and drawings.
  2. DDM CAD is easy to implement and will blend seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS.
  3. This type of PDM software requires very little maintenance and no additional modules or costs.
  4. Not only can DDM CAD vastly improve your product data management, it can make it easier to achieve compliance with your audit history.
  5. Our PDM software for SOLIDWORKS can be used straight out of the box.
  6. Highly affordable, our software will offer a quick turnaround on your investment.
  7. It also offers exceptional office document management.
  8. Our software has a powerful search and retrieval facility, which is built on SQL technology.
  9. With its configurable auto-numbering, it can be customised around your current number system.
  10. It enables you to spend more time designing and less time searching for files.

If you’re looking to find a PDM solution for SOLIDWORKS, discover more reasons to choose DDM CAD.

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