Looking For Specialists In Product Data Management?

Data management is a crucial part of moving a product from conception to market.

Indispensable when it comes to complex engineering products, it can make all the difference to your final costs. Improving your PDM can significantly improve your productivity, reduce engineering costs, get products to market much quicker and enable you to share data seamlessly.

No software does this more efficiently than DDM CAD.

Used by engineers all over the world, DDM CAD is ideal for enterprise and small business customers looking for a low-cost but powerful PDM solution. Developed by a highly experienced team of engineers, it can drive operational efficiency across all your regulatory processes.

DDM CAD is not only a great editing tool but makes it easier to collaborate and view data online.

Our software will enable you to reduce waste, increase part re-usage and design productivity while helping you achieve compliance for ISO or FDA; it will also help you to store your data securely so it’s indexed for fast retrieval.

Our software covers all types of data, from parts and models to drawings and office documents for full revision control.

Engineers across the globe are using DDM to manage their data. Why not find out how we can help you?

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