Improve Your Product Data Management For Solidworks

Product data management can be an extremely tricky task, but it’s an important part of moving a product from conception to market, particularly when it comes to complex engineering products.
When choosing a PDM system, you naturally want data to be securely stored and indexed easily for fast retrieval. It’s likely you also want the highest standards of quality controls to be maintained.

If you’re looking for a PDM solution for Solidworks, DDM CAD can drive operational efficiency across all your regulatory processes.

Our software can quickly be adapted to meet your unique business needs and has been praised for going ‘beyond just data control and CAD’.

DDM CAD for SOLIDWORKS provides full product lifecycle management, is ready out of the box and fully scalable. This base product is also low maintenance and provides secured access to data, helping you protect the integrity of your most valuable asset.

Our PDM solution provides a fantastic way to:

  • reduce engineering costs
  • get products to market quicker
  • share data seamlessly
  • reduce waste
  • increase part re-use
  • increase design productivity
  • achieve compliance for ISO or FDA.

Engineers across the globe are using DDM to manage their data. Why not find out how we can help you?

Our previous clients include Integra, Hornby, DCA, Unwin Safety Systems, and the Biesse Group.

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