Experience Better Project Lifecycle Management

New year, new PLM system for your business?

For affordable project lifecycle management software, look towards Design Data Manager and our base product DDM CAD: our highly renowned software could help you reduce engineering costs in 2018 while offering a wide range of other benefits.

Seamlessly integrating with a number of CAD systems, including Solidworks, Solid Edge, Creo and Inventor, our software enables you to manage CAD data like never before, driving operational efficiency across the board and reducing waste and increasing part re-usage.

Giving you a fresh perspective on PLM and PDM.

DDM CAD can be quickly adapted and configured to your business needs, enabling you to make data management second nature, with the ability to store and complete everything on our system.

Our PLM solution is the result of over 25 years of experience in the industry and we promise a quick turn-around on your investment. We also offer an attractive discount offer for anybody trading up their PDM solution to DDM.

Design Data Manager will also provide comprehensive support to ensure you get the most out of our software. Find out more about our affordable PDM solution or simply contact us today on 0044 1635 551 553.

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