Exceptional Product Data Management for SolidWorks

If you’re searching for a powerful PDM solution, Design Data Manager offers exceptional control over your product data and could help your business grow in 2019.

Renowned for its speed, configurability and support for multiple systems, including SolidWorks and Solid Edge, it is used by many small to medium-sized businesses. Transforming the way engineering companies organise and share product data, DDM CAD could change your current perceptions of product data management.

Powerful but nonetheless highly affordable, DDM CAD makes improving your product data management system easier than ever.

Blending seamlessly with SolidWorks, it provides a smarter, more efficient way to manage all your data. Automating your business processes, this low-maintenance software is ready out of the box, fully scalable and can grow alongside your business.

With our software you can manage all CAD, project and office data with greater speed than ever before and improve the revision control of parts, models, drawings and office documents while streamlining your business with workflow.

Everything can be stored and completed on DDM and our software goes beyond mere data control and CAD; it can drive operational efficiency across the regulatory processes and making it much easier to achieve compliance with audit history.

Discover more about how our PDM system can be used for SolidWorks.

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