Enjoy Better Product Data Management in 2018

Are you searching for an alternative to your current PDM system?

Whether you use Solid Edge or SolidWorks, DDM could be the PDM solution you’ve been looking for.

As you’re probably aware, product data management is crucial for ensuring that everybody involved in any project is on the same page using up to date information.

A quality PDM system also enables you to track changes to products with ease and spend less time on admin. In turn, it can improve your productivity while enhancing collaboration and offering better visual management.

With our PDM solution DDM, we provide an alternative for organisations that want a powerful product data management solution without a hefty price tag.

DDM covers all aspects of product data management, with not only DDM CAD but DDM Office, DDM Web and replication with DDM Multi-site

Our software is out of the box and scalable and can reflect the changing needs of your business. Our customers are users of SolidWorks, Inventor, Creo, Solid Edge, IronCAD and AUTOCAD.

Why not discover more about PDM software solutions?

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