Do You Need Superior Document Management Solutions?

Do you need a powerful document management solution, which provides a quick and powerful search functionality? Do you often struggle to find the right document or drawings quickly enough?

At Design Data Management, we offer a document and project management solution that is extremely easy to use, very affordable and requires little to no maintenance whatsoever.

Powerful search solutions built on SQL technology for advanced searches.

Our full document management manages all digital data, from Microsoft Office files to emails, imagery and any form of digital data. DDM Office enables non-design staff to access, review and update your information with ease, along with having secure shared access to data. You can also automate and track the revision and issue of documents.

There are no additional modules or costs with our data management solution, and with our simple user interface even a novice will be productive from day one.

Other useful features include comprehensive ‘where used’ queries on everything from parts and assemblies to documents, and the ability to transfer notes to a drawing automatically.

Discover more about our full document management.

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