DDM Office Programme

Are you still struggling along with a paper system and too much paperwork? Data management doesn’t have to be that way. Your data can be stored easily and it can be accessible. Or rather it will be if you implement the DDM Office programme.

DDM can be customised to meet all your immediate and future data management needs. It can be adapted and configured to meet your specific business needs. The DDM Office programme increases productivity and allows for improved management of your daily operations.

Scalable and user friendly, this module makes it easy for you to store your data securely and to ensure shared access to data. From full document management to enterprise update management, the module’s features can be easily adapted to work for you.

If you want complete data control and a management solution which responds to your business needs then look to Design Data Manager. Streamline your business now, with a little help from DDM.

Choose DDM for your PDM solution.

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