CAD Document Management

Are you spending too much time looking for files? That time could be better spent on other things, and by implementing a CAD document management system you will have more time to do other things. A CAD document management solution can be customised to meet the specific requirements of your business.

The more organised your company, the more productive your staff will be, and Design Data Manager (DDM) can provide the right software solution. Our multi-CAD PDM solution has many useful features built into it, and the best part? There are no additional costs. What you see is what you get. It can be easily integrated into your existing systems and requires little maintenance, yet it will deliver for you every time. With this management solution in place, you’ll be able to control parts, models, drawings and documents.

Are you keen to find out more about how DDM’s product can benefit your business? From SolidWorks to SolidEdge, take control with DDM’s multi-CAD PDM solution.

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