Better Product Data Management For SolidWorks

Ready to trade-up your current PDM software? Do you want secure shared access to your data at all times?

If you need a product data management system that supports all aspects of your development process, DDM CAD could be ideal- our software enables you to manage & share your data with greater ease than traditional systems.

Recently named one of Dassault’s most promising solution providers, our software is popular with both users of SolidWorks and Solid Edge. This software is developed by CSI, a team of technical and businesses professionals dedicated to providing industry-leading design and PDM solutions.

DDM CAD is a low-cost solution that is easy to implement, easy to integrate and extremely user-friendly. There are no additional costs on modules for this base product: all features are built-in.

Providing full lifecycle management, DDM CAD provides complete control of parts, models, drawings and office documents. Its features include a quick and powerful search retrieval facility and configurable auto-numbering.

Along with a powerful software solution, you will also benefit from first class customer support and be working directly with the developers of DDM, who can provide all the guidance, advice and training you need.

Why not discover how DDM CAD can transform your PDM SOLIDWORKS today.

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