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CAD (Computer Aided Design) is now used for everything from the healthcare market to the world of architecture, and is increasing in usage all over the world It’s considered the most intelligent way to enhance designs, save time and costs on a final production, and prevent the need for later maintenance.

Although this technique has been around since the 1970s, with the latest point cloud techniques, it can produce astonishingly accurate data. But did you know it’s also useful for the management and publication of your data?

What is PDM?

As an important part of the lifecycle management, product data management (PDM) involves the management and publication of product data.

If you’re looking online for PDM and want to benefit from the latest software, Design Data Manager could be ideal.

Whatever part of the manufacturing industry you work in, Design Data Manager aim to change perceptions of PDM and PLM. We also offer easy to implement solutions for Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, IronCAD, Creo Parametric, AutoCAD and Inventor. We can increase productivity and help you meet regulations with greater ease.

Discover more about our solutions for IronCAD.

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