An Alternative PDM Solution For SolidWorks

Do you use SolidWorks for your design process and are you looking for a smarter and more efficient PDM solution?

Changing the way your data is organised, stored and distributed can make the design process much more efficient, enabling you to get products to market much quicker. This is precisely what our base product DDM CAD is designed to do.

Whether you spend too much time tracking changes, need better visual management or want to improve your collaboration, DDM CAD is an innovative and affordable solution.

Named one of the 10 most promising Dassault System Solution Providers of 2018 by CIO Review Magazine, DDM CAD could be the software solution you’ve been looking for.

Offering a full product lifecycle management solution, DDM CAD makes it easier than ever to undertake revision control of parts, models, drawings and office documents, therefore saving your team both time and money.

DDM CAD can support all aspects of the development process on SolidWorks, making it easier to alter, share and access your data than ever before. Our software can not only vastly improve your product data management but provide secure shared access to data, no matter where you are.

Customers have praised our software for increasing their productivity, driving operational efficiency and adapting easily to their business.

Why not discover more about our PDM solution for SolidWorks today?

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