Alternative Project Lifecycle Management

The lifecycle of a project refers to the many phases of a project. How you manage each stage of that lifecycle will determine the success of its outcome. Imagine being able to control the full lifecycle of your projects? From the nucleus of an idea through to completion of the project, if you’re looking for a project lifecycle management solution then look to Design Data Manager.

Projects are broken down into phases so that full control can be applied to effectively manage each of the processes. If you want an alternative solution that’s designed to work for you and your projects then look to DDM.

By delivering expert advice and guidance when you need it, and by offering a valuable software solution, we will help you to maximise the potential and use of your product.

Whatever stage of the lifecycle you’re at, our software will streamline and simplify each process, improving efficiency, transparency and productivity. A project can be subject to changes at the last minute. With this software in place you’ll be better placed to adapt to those changes.

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