An Alternative PLM Solution for Solid Edge

Do you want to make it easier to track changes made to product data? Or do you want to reuse data with greater ease in 2018?

If you want to spend less time organising and tracking data produced using Solid Edge, Design Data Manager is a popular PDM software that can support many 3D CAD software packages, including SOLIDWORKS and Solid Edge.

Product data management is one of the most important parts of PLM, enabling you to ensure all stakeholders are on the same page, enhancing collaboration, assisting with visual management and improving productivity through the reuse of product design data.

Our base product DDM CAD has all features built-in and therefore offers out-of-the-box multi-CAD integration.

With our software you can enjoy full revision control of CAD parts, office document lifecycle management, a quick and powerful search and retrieval facility, configurable auto-numbering and an automatic creation of a PDF representation of Microsoft Office.

Our software takes into account all aspects of PLM and includes a bill of materials and enterprise update manager. Find out how DDM CAD can transform your PDM for Solid Edge.

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