Affordable PDM Software For Solidworks

Do you use Solidworks and want a multi-CAD solution to improve your PDM?

Do you enjoy the way Solidworks can quickly transform new ideas into products, but are struggling to organise your data in a productive way?

Choose our base product DDM CAD for full product lifecycle management and revision control of parts, models, drawings and office documents.

Easy to implement and extremely user-friendly, DDM is a low-cost PDM solution for Solidworks. The software is the result of over 25 years of experience in data management, so you can get a PDM solution that offers exceptional reliability and complete protection of your assets.

An affordable software solution that works for you.

Our PDM solution for Solidworks is not only highly affordable, it comes with exceptional support from our experienced engineers. It is always designed to support the latest version of Solidworks and offers a quick turnaround on your investment.

If you want to make it easier than ever to share, access and revise your data, DDM could be the vital support you’re looking for. It includes CAD and document management, graphical workflow tools, and a bill of materials and enterprise update manager. Our multi-CAD solution for Solidworks can be adapted and configured for your needs.

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