A Low-Cost PDM Solution For IronCAD

Do you want to improve your product lifecycle management (PDM) when working with Iron CAD?

IronCAD has many brilliant features, including the ability to create multiple parts in a single file. However, it can be difficult to manage the mass amounts of data you produce.

While this CAD software focuses on design and direct editing, DDM CAD can help you deal with all the design data that you produce. We offer a multi-CAD PDM solution that manages all engineering data, BOMs and downstreams to ERP.

Why choose DDM CAD as your PDM solution?

Our base product DDM CAD offers a smarter and more efficient way to manage data. Our software is the result of over 25 years of data management experience, ensuring you enjoy exceptional reliability and complete protection of your assets when using IronCAD.

Designed to streamline the design process, it offers a part/model-centric system which always shows the correct historical version used.

This a low-cost solution, which means there are no additional costs on modules. Its features include revision control of CAD parts, assemblies and drawings; office document lifecycle management; quick and powerful search retrieval facilities; and configurable numbering.

Discover more about our PDM solution for IronCAD.

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