A Better PDM System For SolidWorks

Are you looking for product data management software that will blend seamlessly with SolidWorks?

Long gone are the days when engineering companies were drowning in paper, but there are still issues with digital data. In particular, because you can easily produce so much of it, it can be difficult to organise and keep track of changes to a design.

At Design Data Manager, we are true experts in innovative PDM solutions for engineering companies who want a smarter way to handle their data.

Our multi-CAD software is capable of handling all CAD, project and office data, along with BOMs and down streaming to ERP.

With our innovative software, you will find it much easier to track and manage changes made on SolidWorks, along with spend less time organising data. You will also find a significant increase in productivity through the re-use of product design data.

DDM CAD is developed by CSI, a team of technical and business professionals dedicated to industry leading PDM software solutions.

We not only offer highly affordable and effective software but the best possible customer support and clear guidance when you need it. Discover more about our PDM solution for SolidWorks today.

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