10 Reasons To Choose Our PLM Software Solutions

Companies all over the UK are choosing our PLM software solutions. Our latest clients including Ceres Holographics, the world’s leading supplier of holograms, and Paradigm Drilling Services, who specialise in the design and supply of innovative and conventional drilling products for the world’s leading oilfield service and drilling companies.

So, what makes DDM CAD so popular? Here are 10 reasons to choose our PLM software solutions to support your company:

  1. DDM CAD gives you the power of larger PDM solution without the higher costs of implementation.
  2. It can cover project management and tasks, giving you greater control and visibility across all projects.
  3. It is also extremely low-maintenance, ready out of the box and fully scalable (this means it can accommodate any volume of work).
  4. Since it is a multi-CAD software solution, it can blend seamlessly with a variety of packages, including Solid Edge and SolidWorks.
  5. We have a friendly team of engineers who will provide a quick turnaround on any critical issues.
  6. It offers complete revision control of CAD parts, assemblies and drawings along with office document lifecycle management.
  7. DDM CAD includes a graphical workflow tool which can be used to manage all business processes.
  8. Our software is easy to implement and extremely use-friendly.
  9. This PLM software solution also covers bills of materials and has an Enterprise Update Manager.
  10. It can drive operational efficiency across your regulatory processes.
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