The release of DDM 2018.01 offers significant core product functionality enhancements and continues to build on the success of our single source PLM solution.

DDM 2018.01 What’s New – Selection of Multiple Decision Makers in DDM Workflows

DDMC-5761 – Would like the ability to choose multiple decision makers, when sending to a workflow decision step defined as ‘Choose on send’ and with ‘Individual selection’ enabled. 0000006127

DDM 2018.01 What’s New – Folder Link Level Attribute Enhancement Automatic Update By State

DDMC-6014 – Would like an additional Folder link attribute option against ‘Link Update’ or ‘Update by State’ to allow replacement only at certain state(s) 0000006130

DDM 2018.01 What’s New – Document Import Options, Default Numbering Rules and Description Updates

DDMC-5933 – On state change of an item, would like checks to verify all required attributes have values set and if not, prevent change of state. DDMC-5989 – When drag/dropping items into DDM, would like the search results to (optionally) … Read More