The release of DDM 2016.04 offers significant core product functionality enhancements and continues to build on the success of our single source PLM solution.

DDM 2016.04 What’s New – Business Unit Enhancements

DDMC-4878: Business Units enhanced to include an option to set the ‘Retain Business Unit’ against items. DDMC-4867: New State Description field against States listed in DDM Admin.

DDM 2016.04 What’s New – Auto Numbering Enhancements

DDMC-4911: When using custom item numbering, would like to be able to define the prompt label for each layer / numbering level. DDMC-4893: Would like to be able to copy auto numbering child categories. DDMC-4894: Would like to be able … Read More

DDM 2016.04 What’s New – Alternative method of adding documents in DDM

When creating a new document you now have the option to browse for an attach a file on completion.

DDM 2016.04 What’s New – Administration Option to Reset Users Current Working Folder

Option to reset the working folder of a user. (e.g. to allow another user to take ownership of a group owned folder which has been set as their working folder)