We are pleased to announce that Ceres Holographics, world’s leading provider of holograms and HOE masters for advanced display and light-guiding applications, has chosen DDM for their CAD system SOLIDWORKS to address its short and long term requirement for PLM.


About Customer
The company has developed its own highly-specialised CAD flow, and digitally controlled master printer, and the required replication systems and processes. Ceres highly-optimised design and origination system enables the creation of precision engineered holograms and holographic optical elements (HOEs) pixel-by-pixel. Years of investment and expertise have delivered unmatched performance, brightness, contrast, angular control, and clarity across its image product range and unmatched light-guiding control and transparency across its range of HOEs for advanced display applications for automotive and consumer applications.

Ceres is now leveraging that capability to deliver display solutions that enabling futuristic light applications such as HOEs, designed and optimised for their extraordinary optical performance and efficient thin-film form factor.

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