We are pleased to announce that the BioRobotics Lab, a centre of excellence for biomechanical testing of biological structures and biomaterials, has chosen DDM (DesignDataManager) for its CAD system SOLIDWORKS to address its short and long term requirement for Product Lifecycle Management of the simVITRO product line.

BioRobotics    simVITRO

“When we launched our simVITRO line of robotic mechanical testing systems, we knew we required a PLM solution that could meet the needs of our small development team, yet scale with us as we grew. Many of the PLM products we looked at were designed and priced for large organizations only and could not scale up and down like DDM.”
Robb Colbrunn PhD
Director, BioRobotics Lab


About Customer
The mission of the BioRobotics Lab is to establish and advance world class facilities to allow investigators to conduct high quality research of the mechanical properties of existing biological structures and constructs, as well as to quantify the potential for new technologies and clinical advancements.

The BioRobotics Lab are also the developers of simVITRO which is a novel robot based mechanical testing system that:

  • Works with a variety of robot brands and models
  • Applies real-time force feedback control in all 6 degrees of freedom
  • Requires no programming skills to configure and operate
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