DDMC-5933 – On state change of an item, would like checks to verify all required attributes have values set and if not, prevent change of state.

DDMC-5989 – When drag/dropping items into DDM, would like the search results to (optionally) be updated to list those new items.

DDMC-5934 – Would like to be able to modify Description attribute (for folder or item) (ACL permission allowing) directly from the Search results / Folder Contents.

DDMC-5932 – Would like an option to ‘Prompt for Properties, when dragging files onto DDM’ (Tools – Options – Import).

DDMC-5930 – Would like the ability to set a default numbering system to be used for items when created, unless an alternate numbering is selected by the user.

DDMC-5931 – When dropping onto a folder from the file system, with option to “choose folder on creation” enabled, the folder should be defaulted to the folder instead of prompting.


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