• DDM Release Matrix

    Use the below matrix to find out how many enhancements have been added since your release

DDM Release Matrix

Click on the ‘DDM Release’ number to view specific enhancement videos for this release. There are not always videos for all of the enhancements, as of 2016.02 you can view the full list by clicking on the ‘enhancements’ number to download a PDF.

ReleaseEnhancementsSince this Release
Total DDM Enhancements231
ReleaseEnhancementsSince this Release
DDM 2017.0532-
DDM 2016.091332
DDM 2016.081345
DDM 2016.071758
DDM 2016.06375
DDM 2016.052078
DDM 2016.043398
DDM 2016.0321131
DDM 2016.0223151
DDM 2016.0122165
DDM 2015.65187
DDM 2015.55202
DDM 2015.43207
DDM 2015.33210
DDM 2015.23213
DDM 2015.14217
DDM 2014.121218
DDM 2014.114222
DDM 2014.106228
DDM 2014.9

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