• DDM Product Matrix

Key FeaturesDDM CADDDM OfficeDDM Web
Key FeaturesDDM CADDDM OfficeDDM Web
License Type3D CAD User, Contributor
e.g. Engineer, Approver
Non CAD User, Contributor
e.g. Office Administrator, Approver
Non CAD User, Viewer
e.g. Internal Teams, Supply chain
3D Multi-CAD Integration
Creo Parametric, SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, IronCAD, SolidEdge
2D Multi-CAD Integration
AutoCAD, Creo Elements Direct/Drafting
Full Office Document Management–
Secure access
Single central repository
Revision control–
File history–
Automated approval processes–
Automated change management process–
Business Process Management (Interactive Workflow Tool)–
Full document preview
Find and re-use design data–
Automatically generated secondary formats, e.g. PDFs–
BOMs and relationship reports
( Including Non Drawn Parts)

( Including Non Drawn Parts)
Product structures defined and managed independently from a CAD model–
Manage Tool Box Configurations––
Full Audit trail–
ERP/MRP integration–
Database replication to multiple sitesGlobal Remote Access
UsersLicensed Per User, Unlimited ScalabilityLicensed Per User, Unlimited ScalabilityUnlimited Users
System configurationWindows only, SQL Server only, single physical or virtual deploymentWindows only, SQL Server only, single physical or virtual deploymentAccessed using any authorised workstation using a standard web browser

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